Monday, 29 November 2010

Getting worse before it gets better

While this (to Flossie's utter delight but the despair of many stuck drivers slithering on the hill) is still going on outside:

this is what's happening inside:

I stripped the walls yesterday, and can report that an hour with a steam wallpaper stripper does wonders for a hacking cough, better than any linctus or pastille.

The attic looks very small. Holes are appearing everywhere.

This will become an extractor fan:

And these will become the hot and cold feeds for the walk-in shower:

A regulation-compliant bathroom light fitting will be installed.

Sturdy Edwardian skirting boards and floorboards have had to be disturbed to accommodate the pipework.

Light switches will now be on the outside of the room.

Meantime, somewhere on a lorry in the snows of East Yorkshire, the said walk-in shower, along with basin, taps, toilet and all sorts of gubbins to go with them, are failing to reach us. Snow stops play. Richie and Ryan have gone home early, unable to proceed until the goods arrive.

We can encourage ourselves by looking at the catalogue pictures though:

The toilet and basin are not what I ordered; they are a replacement for the damaged (and now discontinued) less fussy model I first chose. Other alternatives were worse, or expensive; I remind myself that this is a pocket-money shower room, and not a sybaritic spa.

The chosen bathroom light fitting sits uneasily between the modernity of the shower and the dubious retro of the rest. But it's directional, and functional, and affordable.

A neutral tile has been chosen for the shower; colour will be added via towels and accessories.

Radiator and light should be delivered tomorrow. My bathroom on a budget is coming together, despite the delays caused by the weather, and I've saved enough through careful online shopping to afford decent floor covering. Once I can get out in the car to go and choose it, of course.

Nothing left to do today but go out to play again. C'mon, Florence, grab your giant stick, we're going to play outside!


judy in ky said...

Very ambitious... you should be on one of those television reno shows!

the veg artist said...

Freezing weather and builders - this does bring it all back for me. Still, if we had crystal balls I don't suppose we'd ever start any building jobs!
The luxury of having a loo by your bedroom will be worth it. Just repeat that 1,000 times!

jabblog said...

Coming on apace, I see. My son-in-law is replacing a bathroom for my middle daughter and her partner. Sometimes it's easier to start from scratch - he's discovered all sorts of problems. He'll cope.

love those cupcakes said...

Thanks for the cough remedy. I'm off to hire a steam wallpaper stripper.

"Sunshine" said...

Thanks for all the pictures of your attic endeavor...And...loving the snow. This ol' Norwegian girl has snow and cold in her blood and I must say I am a little envious. We've had a cold front from Alaska blow in, and everytime that happens I rejoice!!
I know, I'm crazy...It can't be helped.
Happy days for you and the little ones...Hope that shower appears soon...It looks great..

Anonymous said...

It's looking good!! Very nice bits of cable and holes for things! We've had building work doen at this time of the year - not nice with doors open and cold air blasting in.Still, I'm sure you warmed up playing with Flossie and her stick!

Isabelle said...

Brrr. Your street looks about as snowy as ours, but at least yours is flattish.

It must be nearly spring. No?

Dan said...

I'm soooo jealous of that snow!
The black dusty cobwebby mess that is revealed when floorboards are lifted or skirting removed brings back horrible memories.
I love your shower!!!
Lovely to see Flossie enjoying the snow with her giant stick.

BumbleVee said...

wow....those two guys are really going to's coming along swimmingly!

mountainear said...

Will follow your progress with great interest - I love a project - how neat it all looks!

Impressed by the depth of snow - we have about an inch.

Lyn said...

our builders went home early today too-it was too cold to do the paving, frozen sand!
Can't wait to see your bathroom finished.

Sue said...

It's all looking remarkably tidy for such major work. Hope all the bits and pieces turn up soon. make sure you wrap up while playing with Flossie you don't want the cough back.

Marcheline said...

Can't wait for the BIG TA-DA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish me and Patty could play in snow like that! Still like a dusting of icing sugar here. That second bathroom is going to be lovely, well done on getting so much accomplished all the same. Wonder if you're going to have an overture playing and some fizzy drink when you take to your throne for the first time. I could send you a coronet up...

Penny said...

I turn my back for a second and so much happens! So sorry you've been poorly, hope you are on the mend now. Good luck with bathroom, it'll be such a luxury. Penny xx

Gwen Buchanan said...

oh this is so exciting; I love projects like this..

... the wait will be worth it for sure...

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Your new bathroom sounds very nice. Hope your fixtures arrive soon so the work can continue. I'm looking foreward to pictures when it is completed.

flwrjane said...

Very very nice. I'm so jealous, someday....

I am not jealous of your snow though our lab is. we had a hard frost last night and that was enough for me.

That is one BIG stick!

xo jane

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