Saturday 8 November 2008

Behind the door

Have you noticed how your beloved possessions tend to look shabby or ill-assorted when they are piled up in any way, such as on a removals van, or when they are wrapped in plastic bags? Well, it's worse when they aren't beloved at all, but no longer wanted.

This little door halfway up the attic stairs hides horrors. The last of the Lovely Son's stored possessions moulder
in what we laughingly call the large eaves. His stuff arrived here years ago, when he lived in Tynemouth, and when he moved South, they were stored here "just for now". Gullible, me?

But today the assorted boxes, ancient television, stereo, vacuum cleaner and heaven knows what else, are being dragged out by Sandra's twins (who at 17 must be at least 6 feet tall, so heaven knows how they'll manage in that cramped space) and I get to decide what can be disposed of.
The Lovely Son airily delegates this pleasure to me, and I shall be ruthless. Freecycle will come in useful here! It being the Lovely Son's stuff, I am highly unlikely to find money or jewels, although I anticipate spiders in abundance.

Thankfully, my own cluttering or hoarding tendencies have never really extended to these areas,
although the mirror and the trunk filled with Christmas decorations are mine and will have to be reconsidered. Decorations take up so much space!

And why is this happening at all? Because on Wednesday the loft insulation is being topped up to modern-day levels, and the rambling eaves (there are two more, with even smaller doors) and roof space have to be empty.
(And, for those of you tutting at the state of the neglected paintwork and peeling wallpaper on the landing, I've already booked the decorator for early Spring!)

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