Tuesday 4 November 2008

Rachel the Lionheart

Well, possibly. Remember this battered old trunk I acquired through freecycle a while ago?

Today, because my back hurts more when I sit down, I have been keeping busy in an upright position. After a long walk through the Dene, and cooking tomorrow's lamb and chickpea curry, accidentally burning the accompanying spinach and potato dish in the process, I thought I'd do something to reduce the to-do list that has been lying heavy on my conscience.

Clever idea: start with something easy, and take the vinyl padding off the trunk to see what lies beneath. Step 1 of the Winter Project, tick! So I got busy with the tack lifter tool.

Twenty minutes and a self-inflicted injury later, this is as far as I got. There are 3 separate layers to this padding, plus a band of hideously sticky gold plastic tape, and all have been secured very firmly with half a million tacks.

After making worthy efforts for a while, I stabbed myself in the thumb with the tack lifter, and retired to clean blood off the sticky grubby wound and to find a plaster.

And that's enough Winter Project for today, I think.
Now, when did I last have a tetanus shot?

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