Thursday 20 November 2008

Christmas (cake) is coming

I hate making Christmas cake, as it all feels too early for my liking, but it's done now. This will look better once it's been marzipanned and iced, but that won't happen for a while yet. Meantime, the cake (not the baker) will be fed spoonfuls of brandy on a regular basis.
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mountainear said...

Can almost smell the spicy-fruity-warm smell of baking - which really is the very best bit about Christmas cake. Hope we can see the finished product.

Shelagh said...

I'm all set to make mine on the weekend but I have no illusions that it will look anything like yours. Even using the same recipe now translated for me into Canadian. But I'll do my best and hope for same.

laurie said...

wow. gorgeous. is that a fruitcake?

rachel said...

It certainly is fruit cake - tons of the stuff, sultanas, currants, raisins, glace cherries, mixed peel, plus all the rest! This is why we put so much weight on over Christmas...I'll post a picture when it's finished, nearer the time.

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