Monday 3 November 2008

Day of Reckoning

Again. Another bout of back pain and attendant misery, with little accomplished and the list of unfinished or not-even-started jobs getting longer and longer. At this rate no one will be getting a Christmas present.

But a look at the bathroom scales today confirmed what I knew already: my back would benefit greatly if I were to stop carrying the equivalent of another small person around with me. And could there be a link between the groaning scales and the long-running baking-fest that fills so many of my days?

I blame the British weather, a sissy dog, and the
American presidential election. Baking is so much more enjoyable than route marches in the rain with a would-be-escapee dog, and is a soothing antidote to the general anxiety brought into our lives at every mention of Sarah Palin, but it brings its own unwelcome consequences fast and furiously. Soon my wardrobe will consist entirely, instead of merely 90%, of elasticated waist style garments....

Time for a serious think. Maybe after the election results though.


laurie said...

as someone who has recently eaten her way through four loaves of homemade bread (it makes such excellent toast! with butter!) and yesterday made pumpkin cookies (which doug doesn't care for; leaving only me to eat them), i can sympathize.

good luck. one more day to go. after the election, we will get back on track.

Percy said...

I joined WeightWatchers last night lol you could always join me! I don't know how many points would be in any of Auntie Vee's yummy cakes though. Apparently the WeightWatchers cakes are supposed to be quite nice hmmm?!
Today lets just hope and pray that the man who chose Sarah Palin doesn't get in, she seems like a female George W. but with even less intelegence and a disfunctional family. Also he's obviously not too bright if he chose her to be his VP when she doen't even know what the job is.

(OoOoOo I started a blog but haven't written anything yet) Charlotte x

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