Monday 27 April 2009

Precautionary measures

On Wednesday morning, bright and early, Millie is going to the vet for her lady-operation and a microchip. I think this adventurous and high-spirited little cat is going to need both. Something tells me that she will find the car journey interesting, although being in a travel box might go against the grain, and there will probably be loud protest-squeaking about deprivation of liberty.

And on Thursday morning, Lottie, who, surprisingly, has already been spayed, will also go to the vet, but only to be microchipped. Because she arrived covered in her own poo when the fostercarer brought her to me, and is still quite timid about anything beyond the front door, I am anxious that she isn't traumatised by her car journey to the extent that she reacts in the same way again - after all, she has long hair, and I have a sensitive stomach at that time in the morning. So we are having practice sessions - being shut in the travel box (interesting), then in the car (puzzling), then being driven round the block (alarming, then interesting) and so far, she has taken it all in her stride. I am becoming confident that we will arrive at the vet's fragrant and relaxed.

Next challenge: the non-lockable cat flap. I don't want it to be replaced by a magnet-controlled one, as half the cats round here wander at will through each other's supposedly-secure cat flaps, or a locking one, because Kevin would never understand, and would spend hours scratching in vain to get out. I know this because he can spend hours scratching in vain to get into the bathroom if I don't give in and open the door.

There is a new bedtime ritual: constructing a bizarre arrangement to keep Millie in at night and thieving neighbourhood moggies out. It consists of a short plank placed against the cat flap, covered by a large plastic tray to deter probing, prising kitten paws, followed by a large mop-bucket of water (hard for a kitten to overturn). Kevin enjoys the opportunity to drink from the bucket, and forgets that he was trying to get out.

I know that I am heading at a fast trot down the road to Crazy Cat Lady land.


Susan said...

Hey! I'm right there trotting along beside you on that road to Crazy Cat Lady.

I thought of you the other day as I was enjoying a bowl of Haddock chowder. I found myself fishing around with my soup spoon to find the largest and most succulent nuggets of haddock, removing any terriblé pieces of onion or celery with my lips and then feeding them to an insistent Bleet. It must be noted that I go through this ritual always "just after" I have said to him (in my sternest, most mean, Hey I am the boss ! voice) Shoo ! let me enjoy my _____ in peace.

xo from les Gang - list today !

BumbleVee said...

what a perfect land in which to live.... and perfect furry little buddies to have when you do live there....

Thursday said...

We just installed a new catflap to keep the vast number of neighbouring cats out which works on the chip in my own cat. Works a treat - you put it in 'learn mode', effectively scan your cat and it will then only open for that cat. You can program it for a number of cats. Fairly expensive but worth it not to have un-neutered tom cat wee on my kitchen worktops (I kid you not).

rachel said...

Yes, Thursday, one of those chip-controlled catflaps is the current object of desire, but I'm not getting the aged Kevin microchipped in order to use it - that would be too much like putting sat nav into a veteran car - so it will have to wait.

And I know you're not kidding about cat wee on the worktops - and the wall sockets above them .... that's how I found out what kept tripping the entire house electrics during the night....

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