Wednesday 1 April 2009

Small pleasures

An orderly shed, with a newly-built, handy, sturdy shelf across the back. The mice will like that to frolic on.

A decent amount of horse manure stored in a tidy heap.

The demolition of the bizarre giant cold frame (already there when I took the plot on) always referred to as Snow White's Coffin, slowly rotting and always full of grass and snails.

A number of transplanted things that look like they were thrilled to be moved out of the grass-infested border, and that grew an inch overnight to celebrate.

Enough sunshine today to make it easy to sit down for ten minutes and just listen to the birds (including a woodpecker). If only we could bear to drink thermos tea....

But, sadly, the pond has a slow leak. No frogspawn for us this year, but having made the first pond on site, it caught on, and there are now about 9 others, so hopefully there will be frogs for all. I love to be surprised by a tiny frog hopping out of the undergrowth.

The Lovely Son goes back to London tomorrow (sob, sob, sniffle....) but he has left his mark. Thanks to all his hard graft, I feel that this year the allotment won't get away from me as it did last year, and that I can actually enjoy being down there without being crushed by feelings of guilt and failure. Thank you, Mr Human Rotavator! If I could send you tuck parcels of the home made ice cream you have enjoyed so much, I would.

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