Thursday 2 April 2009

Till next time!

He's going away today. The dog has been moping since yesterday, when the gathering-up of scattered belongings started, and the kitten (just visible with her beloved Lottie) will lose another object of fascination. I shall be brave; after all, there's only a 3-hour train journey between us. But saying goodbye to one's child never becomes easy.
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Susan said...

more of the handsome son, sweet kitten love and a tres lovely sitting room. cheers from across the ocean

rachel said...

That's the stuff mums like to hear! Thank you on all three counts!

judy in ky said...

You have very adorable cats and a very handsome son!

Mrs Parsnip said...

I also think that you have a handsome son! And I know how you feel about him leaving-my eldest is in Cardiff, hankering to go abroad to live again! I'm lucky (??) enough to have the youngest still at home though. Love your animals, they look very cosseted! I must post some pics of my two dogs sometime!

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