Friday 3 April 2009

Spring growth! January to April

Look at how big this little girl is getting! Maybe one day she'll have grown into those enormous feet. And always washing - herself or somebody else; she likes us all to be glossy and smooth.
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Susan said...

I've just been reading back into your archives and I love how you write "and" what you write about. Your blog makes me love my cats even more than I already thought I loved them. And although Oliver seems to get all the press on my blog (as he's here hangin' out on my desk day in and day out) I do have three cats (wasn't sure if you knew that) - my big fat black velvet chiclet cat Bleet also known as Nessie-Ness and the ever elusive and extremely aloof, tres handsome miniature tabby ocelot cat - Gus, Mr. Mr. or the Lil' Man.

Your life seems lovely & exotic in a way. I'd love if you'd post recipes (or links to them) for some of your cakes and biscuits.

I'm just off for my pm walk with Missy D. cheers from across les Pond. Susan

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