Monday 2 November 2009

Birthday Girl

Millie is one year old today. Happy Birthday, dear heart!
Have a little smoked trout for your birthday lunch.

Don't want it. Don't like it.

Am very disappointed.
Not sure I want chicken either.

Lottie can have it.

And Scooter. He eats anything.

A fine birthday this is turning out to be.


Susan said...

Oliver would like Millie to know that he turned a tres mature and debonair 3 in June of this year. If he were able to he would give Miss Millie a large handful of Whiskas Temptation (in the flavour of her hearts desire - his current fave is Turkey) for her breakfast.

He will dance in circles like a circus cat for "the Temptations" which he is sure she would find very impressive and appealing.

Best Wishes my True Love,
xo Oliver

Marie said...

Oh Millie, happy birthday! what WOULD you like for your birthday lunch? Or dinner?

The 'captcha' for this comment is that what you are going on, to protest?

Linda said...

She was probably hoping for her own paintbrush, or something useful!!

Lesley said...

Oh Millie - life is too too hard when all that is offered on your birthday is smoked trout or just cannot get the staff these days can you?!

Lesley x

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It could just be that birthday feeling . "I'm OLD ".
She'll cheer up soon .

rogern said...

how petulant! a teenager already!

Fran Hill said...

I've been reading through your posts. They are charming. This one made me laugh a lot. I like people who are good with captions. (Or in this case 'cat-tions?')

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