Tuesday 10 November 2009

Things I now know

Firstly: that when faced with a real bargain in John Lewis, and with no real justification - let's rephrase that: no justification whatsoever - for replacing my old computer, I am unable to turn down a 20" Mac on sale. This afternoon I'm going in to pay for it (with the roof money - don't ask) and bring it home.

Secondly: that browsing, choosing and buying wool is a most seductive experience - why didn't anyone tell me that it might become a dangerously addictive activity? I must steer clear of wool shops until the roof money has been re-saved up.

Thirdly: that knitting is easy after a 30-odd year break, until you try, when you find you can't count stitches and rows and watch tv at the same time. I am becoming skilled at pulling my few rows out and starting again, muttering under my breath.

Fourthly: that knitting is hard when you have a cat or two hanging on to the end of your needles. Oddly, they ignore the wool; it's the waving needles that lure them.

It's a feckless life, but it's fun.


Chris Stovell said...

I'm sure that Mac was just crying out to go home with you so you've done it a favour! Love the photo of your cat attacking the knitting needles.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Your savings policy sounds a bit like mine !
But both computer and wool look gorgeous and very necessary . In fact the wool looks so nice that I can quite see why you're rationing your visits to wool shops . Gone , it seems , are the days of Blackpool Rock pink BryNylon and beige 4-ply .
I want a video of Millie and the knitting needles next !

Linda said...

Millie just want to add knitting to her list of practical skills. She'll need to learn roofing too from the sound of it!

Charlotte said...

Yay you eventually got a Mac! everything is so much easier x

mountainear said...

You will love that Mac - it needed a good home.

Love that picture of Millie. I have a dog that makes vacuuming difficult in much the same pointless way.

Rattling On said...

Don't worry about the knitting...my sister once phoned as she'd forgotten how to purl. In the middle of a row.

Marcheline said...

My answer to the knitting problem:

Two cats.

One crochet hook.


Liz said...

Is that a cat? I thought it was a fancy row counter or something.

Fran Hill said...

Have travelled over from the Welsh hills and I think I will come again. Your posts are nice to read.

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