Sunday 29 November 2009

So what now?

Having come home to a warm welcome from all (or at least from humans and the dog - the cats are always a bit tepid, because, well, they're cats, aren't they, and too cool to let you see they're pleased to have you home), and after enjoying a sound night's sleep in my own bed (with added cats) and a decently-powered shower, I have time to assimilate what these past few days have added up to. 

And these are some of the preliminary thoughts that have emerged.
  1. Short of a financial miracle occurring, first-choice Sidmouth is probably too expensive for me
  2. Seaside is going to cost more than countryside
  3. Countryside is beautiful too. The animals would love it
  4. There is an awful lot of Devon and Dorset still to discover
  5. I remain confident that this is the right kind of area for me 
  6. I have time
  7. I'm optimistic! 
2010 will certainly bring more visits, but in the meantime, online research will keep the flame burning.

Watch this space...


Gretel said...

Seaside is definitely more expensive! But you might have more luck in a small town like Dawlish or Teignmouth, as opposed to the really pretty little places. Also, as you noticed, there are a lot of retired people in the Sidmouth area, and it is a very popular place. Finding somewhere with a wider range of people would probably mean a better/more affordable range of property prices (eg, not always snapped up by well off older people). And, as you have wisely observed, there is a lot more of the area to discover, and much of it beautiful. Well done on putting your foot in the water!

judy in ky said...

I will be watching your space and enjoying all of your travel discoveries... as well as your life with furry companions.

Susan said...

Over here is the proof that the best laid plans ... might just all fall out the window. Be wary of amazing, wild, and completely out of the blue occurrences which could and may derail best plans ... but Plan On ! none the less.
Much love, s & the Gang

Lesley said...

Oh - it's very inspiring! My husband is back on his "lets move to france" trip and while I'm partly excited, I see a lot of downsides too. Reading your tales of making such a big move is great for keeping me focussed but optimistic!

I love the pics in your last post too.

Lesley x

Amy McPherson Sirk said...

Yay! You have finished the hardest part, "this is the right sort of area for me". Finding the area to live is the hardest part, for me at least. Everything else is details. Good luck in your search and keep us posted.

Val said...

It's a big decision to make, isn't it and one which we're going through ourselves at the moment. Sea is more expensive here as well but the little house near the shore has always been my dream. Fortunately, like you we have some time on our side. I've only been to Devon once and a long time ago but I remember how beautiful it was, country and sea.
I'm sure that with time and research you will find the place that's perfect for you and the furry family.

Anonymous said...

I know the whole tourist thing can be a little off putting but it's the downside of living somewhere beautiful. I live in the Broadland area of Norfolk and while I have to confess to moments of frustration in the summer about crowds, parking etc I can also sit in my own garden and think 'People would pay to be here!' (and sit forever in a traffic jam for the priviledge) I'm a West Country girl by birth, you've made a good choice of area, good luck with the search.

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