Sunday 15 November 2009

Small but lovely

It's not all outrage and bristling fur here in Bacteria Gardens. Every day there is something to really, really like, often just small things that bring a moment of delight, surprise or awareness, to confirm my love of home and hearth, where so little happens, and so much has meaning.

Just this morning, there were these:
  • finding a blob of something neatly walled up with spider web, behind the bolt on the back yard door
  • the cats coming in from their morning wall patrol, excited and affectionate, their fur smelling deliciously of cold, fresh air, like line-dried washing
  • an email packed with news from a long-lost friend, filled with names and memories from the past, when we were young, penniless parents, full of hope and dreams
  • finding a comment on my last post from an unknown reader* and a new blog to discover
*Susan, of Sun Pours Down Like Honey, who writes in one of her posts:

"What I like are blogs. The news tells me this is how it is. Blogs tell me about artists and poets, readers and thinkers, joys and amusements, hilarity and depth of feeling, shadow-sheer thoughts and profound life events." and thus expresses one of my regular pleasures far more succinctly and eloquently than I could manage.

The cats and the dog have their own little pleasures too, on this bright Sunday morning.

A patch of sunlight to compete over

A decision to be made about bravely venturing outside

A new paper bag to play with

Easily pleased, us? You bet.


Rattling On said...

Your 'blob' is a spider's nest. Lots of minute but perfectly formed spiders will issue forth one day. We have a very spidery house. I don't mind them as long as they are not the meaty kind- the ones you can actually hear when they walk.
That kind are banished to the cellar...

Fran Hill said...

Those days are nice. And there's nothing like watching cats play with paper bags and get a real kick out of it to cheer you up. Our landlord won't let us have a cat - it's one of my daily regrets. The other cats in the neighbourhood get so fed up with me chasing them about just so I can scratch them under the chin.

rachel said...

Thank goodness it's a nest, and not a miniature Frodo Baggins all trussed up in there.... I shall watch it with interest - presumably till Spring?

How cruel to forbid tenants to keep a cat. The man is clearly a monster.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Today it was catching sight of two herons like bookends , one on each end of a houseboat's roof . And Bubble and Squeak for supper .

rachel said...

Oh, herons! I love herons! One of the pleasures of going to Scotland....

Bubble & Squeak is rather good too. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow's dinner.....

Meggie said...

We have our two loved dogs, but I long for a cat. Gom says we dont need a cat, & wont entertain the thought. I love seeing your kitties, & sweet little dog.
Thanks for my comment.

Pam said...

A lovely post.

Our house is very empty tonight. Just the two of us and the cats.

Susan Moorhead said...

Thrilled to be quoted :) and thanks for visiting.

judy in ky said...

I like that about blogs, too. I love hearing what they have to say and what they show in photos.
I also love it in the morning, when the cats all gather round together. I make my coffee while they have their breakfast. Simple pleasures that make me happy too.

judy in ky said...

Oh, and I hope I never have to live in a place where I can't have cats! I can't imagine it.

Friko said...

so would I be.
this is the most delightful post I have come across all week. I am looking round to find things to cheer me up in this wet and dreary November and your blog definitely fits the bill.

I am glad to have found you (via Fran Hill of Being Miss) and shall come here often. In fact, what the heck, I'll be following you, a cheery read is too good to pass up.

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