Thursday 21 October 2010

Found along the way

Oh, the wonders of a city park!

Walking through Armstrong and Heaton Parks yesterday, we passed this little well. An oddly-informative local government publication found online tells us that it is one of those Victorian fancies rather than an ancient artefact:

STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE: This Victorian well head in Armstrong Park is made of stone with some iron supports. It is located in a curved wall approximately 7 metres long and an area of stone paving creates a plaza in front of the well. A faux medieval inscription reads ‘Ye Well of King John’.

Then there was this, one of a number of repurposed lumps of masonry scattered artfully along the wooded pathways:

And this: 

Where we had a cup of hot chocolate, and sat sipping in the sun. A certain someone found a muddy pool behind us, and spent our little break plunging joyfully in and out of it, pausing only to scavenge windfall pears, and returning to wipe her muddy face against my knees. 

And then on we went. Lizzie tells me that so far she hasn't found a little Dutch coffee cart on Exmoor. Pity.... 


the veg artist said...

I do envy you your parks, you know. Many times, I feel like a stroll, but am not up to driving first to get there. The traffic on the roads around our town is not sympathetic to walkers!

Susan said...

I want a lab, I want a sister ... and just maybe they will get me one and I want a teeny, tiny dog with a squishy tres expressive face. xoxo, much love Winnie Dixon

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be a proper walk if Flossie stayed clean!!

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