Wednesday 6 October 2010

Guest Post: A day in the life of a busy dog

Flossie here! Big licks to all of you. I had a brilliant day on Monday, and want to tell you about it. Rachel says I can, so long as I don't use dozens of exclamation marks. She says I am a bit of a walking exclamation mark myself.

After breakfast (SO lovely, breakfast! Best meal of the day! even though this is what I have to do: "Wait!" before I'm allowed to eat it), we had a walk and a play in the park. The grass was very wet down there, and very muddy too. Heaven. Rachel doesn't seem to enjoy it as much as I do. Maybe she's not used to it yet.

Then we came home and after being hosed in the yard and dried with my own towel, I did some sunbathing. The fireplace was the sunniest spot in the sitting room, and I fitted nicely into the hearth.

I made sure all sides were nicely toasted. And I fell asleep sitting up. Rachel says that this is one of my most endearing habits.

Later on, when Rachel was cleaned up and dried out too, we got in the car and drove for a very long time in very heavy traffic. She said we were going to meet someone special, who would fall in love with me at once.

We waited. And walked around a tiny village - Osmotherley, it's called, and it's in North Yorkshire. And we waited. Rachel said it was only half an hour, but it seemed much longer; I wanted to meet the Special Person right now. I'm collecting people who fall in love with me; apparently that's what labradors do.

And then he came. He's called The Lovely Son, and he's rather nice. He gave me some of his pub lunch and I could feel that falling in love might be a two-way thing.

(This is where the photos of the Lovely Son and me having big hugs should go, but Rachel says Blogger is misbehaving and won't "Leave!" the pictures for her. She says she may tell Fran, who will do an obedience lesson.)

The lunch was served in Yorkshire portions, Rachel said, which meant that there was enough for ten people, not two and a dog. We didn't complain though. After sitting over it a while, enjoying the sun, we drove home again. Rachel kept saying "Slow down a bit" but the Lovely Son didn't seem to hear her. I thought he could do with one of Fran's obedience lessons too.

After dinner - SO lovely, dinner! Best meal of the day! - we went for a walk in the park. Me, Tosca, the ball on a rope, and the two people I love most, and who also love me.

It was a very good day, and I enjoyed it very much.

PS The Lovely Son doesn't behave exactly like Rachel, and she has to turn a blind eye when she finds us on his bed, but she says we are special people, and it's only for a week, and don't think it will be a regular occurrence, Florence, that's all. We just smile at her, and I hang my tongue out a bit, to make her laugh.

Life just gets better and better.


jabblog said...

Flossie, it sounds as though you're having a wonderful time. I hope you're going to blog regularly like my Gus (black Labrador) and Winston (chocolate Ocicat)It's so much fun seeing life through a dog's or cat's eyes. After all, you see so much more, being lower down - closer to nature in all ways.

the veg artist said...

Flossie, you seem to have many endearing habits. Rachel is a very lucky person to have found you. Your own towel for muddy walks sounds perfect - I'll bet Tosca just gives in and gets carried. Your lunch with your new fan sounds great, and as for being on the bed. Well. I'm afraid to use exclamation marks.

flwrjane said...

Flossie, so glad to hear from you. You did have the best day ever, at least until today which will be the best day ever again.

I'm in love with you too so you can count another admirer in Virginia.

Have fun. Be good to Rachel.
xo Jane

Shelagh said...

What a lovely, lovely post. Welcome Flossie. I can't wait to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Flossie, it's so nice of Rachel to let you tell us about the great day you had. It certainly sounds like you had a grand old time with wonderful people!

John said...

What a wonderful day and life you are having, Flossie. !!!

Dan said...

Hi Flossie - what a lovely day you've had. I LOVE Osmotherley - we stayed at the Three Tuns a couple of years back with our two dogs. Our room in Moon House was gorgeous and the food was fantastic.
I used to live near there when I was in Yorkshire, and there are loads of lovely long walks that I'm sure you'd really enjoy!!

rachel said...

Oooh, Dan, it was The Three Tuns we had a vast and delicious lunch at! I would like to go again some time.... Flossie x

Bee said...

I'm just thinking about what I would like better: a big Yorkshire pub lunch, or being able to sleep sitting up. It must be nice to go through life convinced that everyone will fall in love with you!

The word "droll" comes to mind. This brought a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Well Flossie - it sounds as if you are getting your humans nicely trained! Muddy walks are definitely the best kind (unless, of course, you find something really unsavoury to roll in .... try some fox poo!!) I hope the Lovely Son isn't too upset that he no longer comes first with his Mum!!

Pam said...

Flossie is lovely - I'm not saying a word against her - but there does seem to be a bit of a dearth of cat photos /news here... Are they all under a bed?

Val said...

This post cracked me up..that Lab has fallen on all four paws in a very good spot
Have fun (love the idea of sleeping sitting up)

Von said...

So Flossie, I see you have quickly taken their hearts and their hearth just as all self-respecting Labs do in a minute.Very pleased to hear they've started you early on the pub lunch training, so essential for a happy life.Have a fun week..have there been any bones yet?

Dartford Warbler said...

What a lovely day for all of you. Flossie looks so well and a very happy dog!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I may have to give up reading your wonderful blog because I am suffering from terrible labrador envy. Come on Lizzy, get a grip! She looks beautiful and very happy!

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