Saturday 2 October 2010

Tired out!

For anyone who hasn't owned a young, fit, full-of-fun labrador, try to imagine what effort goes into attaining this state. Think walks, games, meals, refreshing afternoon sleeps, more walks, games, meals and refreshing evening sleeps. That's Flossie's day.

Except for the refreshing sleeps, that's also what my day looks like, with added shopping, cleaning, Own Life thrown in, much of it centred on Mud Control and trying to remember the drill for getting out of the front door in an orderly manner when an exciteable dog is spinning and bouncing in ten different directions at once. Fran coached me repeatedly in that one, but it's not easy when the hall is small and narrow, the lobby crowded with dog and self, and the front steps easy to fall down in the most undignified manner.

Oh, and there's the 'picking up' - rather a shock after the rather less copious bodily functions of a tiny Yorkshire terrier....

For anyone concerned about the cats, Lottie is fine, cool as a cucumber; she and Millie are fearless, although Millie is also outraged on principle. Scooter and Hamish are just dizzyingly-fast blurs on the horizon, and Tosca is still extremely put out. But Flossie is impervious to it all; she's just having a very good time, thank you; hostile vibes and Death Stares go unnoticed.

Today she learned to find the favourite squeaky toy, a farewell present from Fran, after I hid it somewhere on the ground floor. Too easy, she thinks; she aspires to searching for a collection of 20 articles, just like her friend Harvey. Perhaps I should include my reading glasses in the selection of items to find and bring back.... That skill alone would earn Flossie her keep.

She is in bed, snoring a little. I'm off to my own fully-washable fleecy mat bed now. Tomorrow we may visit the allotment; she'll like that, lots of mud there.....


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Flossie looks like she's learned how to relax. She's a sweetheart!

"Sunshine" said...

Oh so tired, indeed. She looks somewhat like me when I nap.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Nonsense ! I don't believe for a minute that that lovely melty Labrador puddle could be anything but laidback and smooth . Havoc is not in her nature .
( I think back to a cat we had of the same name . Bandy-legged , cross-eyed and very determined , she was given to pinching things from the neighbours' kitchens ) .
Sonata .

the veg artist said...

How many years before she gets to the 'sedate' stage? You will be fit by then!

Dan said...

Hi Rachel
Goodness knows where the phrase 'a dog's life' came from. Obviously doesn't apply to any dogs that live in your house, or mine for that matter!
Glad Flossie is settling in.

Lyn said...

Oh how cute!
Glad the cats are holding their own too. Have fun at the allotment.

jabblog said...

I love the elegant pose in the first photo. Good luck at the allotment.

Rattling On said...

Ahh yes, the pile of old towels by the door, the seat covers in the car... been there. That stage lasted about ten years until our lab had an illness. Now she potters around much more slowly. I do miss the long rambles though, it's not the same on your own.

flwrjane said...

Well it's 8:00am here, 2:00pm yout time. Are you at the allotment? Is she diging holes and sniffing madly? Are you?

What a beauty. Our cat is extremly shocked and horrified, sveral times a day that there's a DOG in the house. Never fails to amuse.

xo Jane

Anonymous said...

At least she doesn't have long feathers on her legs that collect the dirt to then deposit it on the carpets! We will definitely have to get together and I will share the secrets of sock knitting!

Penny said...

Floss is lovely, and just as shiny as Higgins! I think you are a star taking her on as I get worn out with a dog whose legs are only four inches long!

Marci said...

Love, love, love these Flossie posts. I vacillate between abject jealousy and more realistic relief that I can just be a fly on the wall. She's a real gem.


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