Tuesday 5 October 2010

Modern technology and moaning

Two moans, no pictures:

1. Blogger tells me I have exceeded my limit on the number of photos I can upload. Purchasing more capacity is cheap and easy - but SLOW. It may take 24 hours before it all works as it should - honestly, in this day and age! - so Flossie's guest post about her wonderful and surprising day yesterday will have to wait till we can add pictures to it.

2. Professor Tim came round last night to enquire if I had his spare keys, having lost his somewhere at work. Roger was away; good thing that I kept a set. He grumbled about his day:

"I had a terrible morning. Double Hitler at 9 o'clock, followed by the auditor."

Double Hitler. On a Monday morning.

To think that we used to moan about double maths.


the veg artist said...

Really! Blogger has no consideration!
And going on auditors in my past life, I might even have preferred double Hitler!!

judy in ky said...

Wow, I didn't know Blogger had a limit on the number of uploaded photos. Technology loves to pull surprises on us, doesn't it? We have recently had to add cable boxes to all of our TVs; now we find we have to change them all to "digital" boxes. I think I will become a Luddite.

jabblog said...

That makes me wonder what the limit is. Does kindly Blogger reveal this information anywhere?

Anonymous said...

That happened to me last year - in mid-post, Typepad said I had reached my limit (athough I had posted far more photos in the past) so I had to 'upgrade' ..... ie, pay more! Then just a few days later - I exceeded my new limit - and, yes, I had to oay a bit more. Never mind, it's not that much to pay for something I enjoy very much! Love the fabric in the previous post - definitely one for the 'too nice to use' pile!!

Fran Hill said...

Double Hitler on any morning sounds like a bad idea. Today I've taught double Steinbeck. That was much, much better.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That's interesting ! ( The Blogger limit , I mean . Double Hitler , however well taught , might be rather depressing .)
Thinking about it , I have a vague feeling that so-and-so percent appears somewhere , but the what , why or wherefore never impinged .
Flossie's guest post will be well worth the wait . I'll draw up a chair .

Kate on Clinton said...

To the commenters asking about where to find your photo limit: (only applies if you use blogger.com and the picasa web albums) when on your blog, go to your account, select picasa web albums and the percentage of space you've used/have available should be at the bottom of the page.
Can't wait to see and hear about Flossie's great day!

BumbleVee said...

can you just upload your photos to your own computer and go to your photo page to use them?

with the new photo link on blogger I couldn't figure out what to do for a while either... it almost looked like I'd have to use Picasa... but, finally I managed to figure out if I clicked on "all photos" ... I eventually found my own photo albums on my computer.... whew.... didn't want to have to upload to Picasa ... just more fiddling around ..... but, the latest changes did make it less easy to upload photos... or, at least I think it did...

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