Friday, 30 January 2009


What a terrible word. I'm sure I didn't make it up. but absorbed it unconsciously from other blogs.

Anyway, it's not even true: yesterday was the 1st birthday of this benighted blog, so I suppose today is Sorryiforgotiversary.

What do you do on a blog's birthday then? Make some resolutions? (I will not split infinitives so often? I will stop obsessing about my cats? I will only post photos that are properly focused?) But, for someone so fond of a sudden enthusiasm that can drop off the radar without a moment's notice, keeping a blog going for a whole year seems like a major achievement to me. If I wasn't being virtuous (ie fat and determined not to buy any badly-needed new clothes till I'd dropped a dress size) I would make a celebratory cake, take a blurry photo of it, maybe with the cats, and post it here. And boldly go, for another year, perhaps....


Isabel said...

Happy belated anniversary. Seems your blog is no three day wonder... As for the future, I, for one, hope you'll carry on just exactly the same way. I enjoy the glimpse into your life and all the photos - even the blurry ones!

rogern said...

Me too, and I only live down the road. Your blog, like you allotment, is better tended than mine!

I raise a glass to your 1st birthday, and wish you many more.

KittyB said...

Thanks for visiting Eggshell, another baker - and another Northener! I used to live in Jesmond so I know Newcastle well.
I have taken my time to get to grips with Bertinet's bread-making technique. What seems like endless pounding of sticky dough, slapping and folding and getting revoltingly sticky eventually - and I mean - eventually - does give a beautiful silky soft spongy dough. Hard work but worth it!

Poshyarns said...

Congratulations on a year of blogging, it is indeed an achievement of which you should rightly be proud.

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