Sunday, 11 January 2009


Rummaging around today in a heap of papers, hastily tidied away for Christmas, I found this.

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It's B's little Christmas present. B is the delightful housemate of the Lovely Son, a sylph-like creature with a famously sweet tooth, a love of cake, and an enviable ability to consume high calorie treats without visible negative effect. Along with some home made shortbread, a copy of this book, which I use regularly, seemed like an encouraging sort of gift for her.

The Lovely Son took the wrapped presents home for her, and she seemed pleased, so I was puzzled to find the book still in my house today.

I spoke to the Lovely Son - could he look discreetly at what I had given B, and tell me just what it was? Turns out I'd wrapped an old Christmas Cooking recipe book that had been in use during the holidays.....
If B looks carefully, she might find the odd handwritten note in a margin, or some ingredient stains, and perhaps wonder why the Lovely Son's mother was sending her an obviously second-hand book and taking the trouble to gift-wrap and be-ribbon it.

Well, it was a busy time, with lots of books lying around waiting to be wrapped....But I do feel a bit old and dotty now.....

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laurie said...

funny! but maybe she was deeply flattered---thinking you had given her one of your own beloved cookbooks.

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