Saturday, 17 January 2009

I'm a Kitten Owner: Get Me Out of Here!

The never-ending script:

Where are you? Get out. Get down. What are you doing in there? What happened? Oh dear. What's that? How did you get up there? No, not for you. Leave it/him/her alone. No. No. No! Go away. It's too early. Ow. No, not my ear. Let go. That's the dog's toy. Leave her alone, she'll thump you. Oh, see? Told you. Don't eat that.

Hello! You awake now? What? Hungry? Aaawww..... Good girl. Who's a sweetie? Look what I have for you. Want me to throw it? Again? Did she snap at you? Oh dear. Come and have a cuddle. Ow. OW! Look what Auntie (insert one of many names here) has brought for you. Ooh, aren't you clever! What a loud purr. Oh, back again? Busy bee! Come on, lovely girl, let's play.

And so on and so forth.....all day, every day. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it's exhausting. Lottie has adopted a long-suffering look, probably modelled on mine.

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PG said...

Oh bless her! They grow up far too quickly though. And then you find yourself missing it all. :)

laurie said...

luckily, her face is absolutely irresistible.

mountainear said...

Kittens bring so much pleasure - she's gorgeous. But I bet you don't poke her to wake her up when she finally falls asleep.

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