Saturday, 10 January 2009

Wash day, cat style

If a cat could use a scrubbing brush and scouring powder instead of her own tongue on a small kitten, Lottie would have done so with Millie this morning. But, as an alternative to pouncing, pinning down and waiting for squeaky cries for mercy, ferocious washing has to be an improvement. And little Millie, who has been desperate for some cat-to-cat contact for a whole week now since leaving her mother and sister, endured that unkind wash and purred loudly like a mini-motorbike throughout.

Then she managed to wriggle free from her scary new big sister and ran away. Well, Lottie may well have had more sinister motives for scrubbing her as though she were a baking potato.....

There is more to life in this house than kitten-watching and vigilante-ism, I know, but none of it is as entertaining. Normal activity, and time with the rest of the crew, goes on while Millie has her long sleeps in preparation for her next onslaught on us all.
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