Wednesday, 14 January 2009

So cold, so hot, so wet, so what

Canadian friends complain about the snow and the terrifyingly low temperatures. Australian friends complain about the heat and occasionally the rain. For once, I am aware of, and thankful for, our temperate climate. Recently we have had clear, starry, moonlit nights, crisp, frosty, sparkling mornings, and it feels just like winter should be. Not like winters used to be, I grant you, when your teeth hurt if you breathed in through your mouth, and your hands lost all feeling as you walked to school, but cold and dry enough to know that it actually is winter, and not just some weird wet season. Maybe this Spring the greenfly might not appear in such vast numbers and the roses might have cause to rejoice. Meantime, there's still time for things to change. February can be tricky....but for now, come outside, the weather's lovely.

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