Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Red Alert

Time to undo the cats' work. Sorry, team, it has to happen. The scary monster is coming out.

The vacuum cleaner? Pah! Is nothing....

Not a problem to Lottie. She has long fur to share with the world; the vacuum cleaner is a familiar companion.

But Millie huddles next to the cat flap. Just in case a swift exit is required.

The dog removes herself to quiver one floor up from the hated machine; best to be out of the way.

The boys hide. One floor up too, but behind a chair is safer; they know that the noisy red monster can get up the stairs and find them. Scooter stays well behind Hamish. He isn't so good at making nonchalant faces.

Nerves are jangling. The household is on Red Alert.

All except one.


Paddy Paws said...

Everyone hides behind the sofa, and not just from the Daleks.

How tough is Lottie? Even humans hate the hoover.

Linda said...

It's not the noise that gets to Rupert, it's the blast of air that comes out of the back of our Hoover - he doesn't like wind of any sort. When he was tiny I lived in a really exposed spot, and he would literally be swept sideways in a strong gust. He has not forgotten!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Well , if you manage to grab the top floor of the Thing then you can be nonchalant , can't you !

BumbleVee said...

Every time I see the little dog racing, airborne, I have to laugh out loud..... she is such a sweet little bean... love the header with her zooming across the snow..

Val said...

Millie looks like our Grandmother cat Sagan (But truth be Told her personality has more affinity with Lottie....hoovers are nothing to her unlike the rest of the bunch)

Lesley said...

I love your photo stories!!

BTW, please thank the cats for their gifts to Shelagh and Minty. The mouse toy has caused great doggie angst, eventually solved by cutting the body from the tail - voila, a toy each!!

Lesley x

Isabelle said...

We can beat that. We got cavity wall insulation today - big scary men with drills that shook the house! Did the furries like that? Is the Pope Italian?

Not that I was there, but my houseman reported it.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Love the picture of Tosca in action on your header! I'll always have a soft spot for Yorkies! Mine used to attack the vacuum cleaner brush thingy, and the floor mop as well. Good game!

my croft said...

Ages ago, my family acquired a dog -- my brother agreed to look after a friend's dog "just for the summer" and a decade later . . . but I digress.

The dog was terrified of the broom. None of us ever harmed or threatened harm with the broom, but clearly Something Had Happened before he came to us that was traumatizing. He never got over his broom-fear but gradually learned to love being vacuumed. Go figure. He heard the vacuum and came running into the rooom and rolled over and over in front of it until he was thoroughly "brushed." Go figure. My mother had profound and mysterious powers over beasts.

Marcheline said...

My younger cat runs like the hounds of hell are after her at the mere sight of the Red Devil (ours is red, too).

My older cat yawns, curls up on the arm of the sofa so that he is out of the way, but can still spectate.

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