Tuesday 13 October 2009

gloominess reigns, but only if you let it

Everyone seems so grumpy today, shouty and harrassed and out of sorts, complaining loudly about everything, kids, computers, workload. Even the gentle dog whose owner has had to go away for a few days, and that I went to collect for his afternoon walk, was miserable and mopey, missing his owner and reluctant to go out. And during our walk I noticed how many front paths of once-presentable Jesmond houses, now the dreaded HMOs (houses of multiple occupation: government euphemism for student lets) seemed to be more than usually knee high in litter, mostly evidence of cheap alcohol, takeaway food and discarded junk mail.

I came home feeling ready to cut my throat, and thought about how very 'catching' other people's emotions can be.
And it's grey and cloudy outside, with a low headache-inducing sky. Yet I'd started out cheerful and positive, ready to enjoy a brisk walk with a non-limping dog, but seem to have collected a bucketful of misery just by talking to other people (and the dog).

In the days when I lived with an inhuman level of stress, I would sometimes make time to come home at lunchtime, even for ten minutes, to ground myself and be reminded of who I really was. So today I took my camera and had a little stroll round my house, taking pictures of things that I liked, or that make me smile. I was struck by how many grey tones resulted, partly because my home is deliberately as neutral and calming as I can make it, but there were occasional lively flashes of colour too.

I read somewhere once that Prince Charles collects Wemyss ware. How peculiar. I don't suppose his collection has anything as shabby and chipped as my little rose-patterned dish.

Or that he keeps his sulphur-crested cockatoo in it as a reminder of Australia.

And the front door is rather jolly, with the fall wreath that Shelagh sent me from Canada.

Although everyone asks if I'm not a bit early for Christmas? Harrumph; silly people.

Anyway, I feel a bit more grounded and settled now. Almost cheerful, in fact!


judy in ky said...

Your touches of color are lovely. No wonder your home makes you feel more cheerful.

mountainear said...

Sorry you have had a grey day - horizon to horizon blue skies here. I think your house looks calm and sophisticated (and we know the camera doesn't lie don't we?)

Sending you a cheery cyber smile...here it comes...beam, beam. (imagine woman with inane grin on face.)

Anonymous said...

Cheered me up, big thanks.

Susan said...

Harrumph ... silly people - don't they know a Canadian Autumn wreath when they see one ... errrggghhhhh !!

Your house is beautiful and I know from some previous info found somewhere, some time ago - that your favourite colour is grey.

Oliver sends many thanks for the new photo of Sleeping Beauty- satisfied, he's just run off to practice his Parkour.

xo love to the Gang from the Gang

rachel said...

Thank you, cheerful people! A cyber smile is just the ticket. Of course, I don't ever photograph the Heaps of Shame, just the tidy oases amongst the chaos. But we all pretend to be fooled, except the folks who actually visit in person, and marvel at my photo-cropping skills.

Pam said...

Yes, I too had already remarked on the cool sophistication of your neutral scheme.

If someone had asked me what you and Prince Charles had in common, I wouldn't have guessed Wemyss Ware. (What would I have guessed? Not sticky-out ears, not the bald patch... I'll need to think.)

I was always going to marry Prince Charles - when I was little, this was. I think I'd have suited him better than Diana. Bit late now.

rachel said...

No, nothing in common with Prince C except our age (he's a month older than me, and I fancy myself as having worn better than he has). The least said about royalty the better, in my book, except that I think homely, slightly clunky, often hideous Wemyss Ware is an odd choice of collectible for a rich bloke. But then what do I know....

Linda said...

I think Charles collects Wemyss because his granny did (enough said!).
Lovely photos. I love that pretty window - don't remember seeing it before - where in the house is it? I also love your white pendant light over the stairs - beautiful shape.
It's such a beautiful, calm house. I hope it and the tribe have worked their magic on you by now.

rachel said...

Yes, that pretty little landing window...I love it too. You can see it here: http://attica-slowlife.blogspot.com/2008/05/corners-of-my-house.html

That's not a pendant light, though, but a white glass 'egg' bought in Amsterdam years ago. I love hanging glass, and have little bits everywhere to catch the light, and sometimes inadvertently bang my head against. (But I loathe glass ornaments!)

rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It's beautiful - love the stained glass and the heart especially. As for Heaps of Shame, my place looks as if someone put it on a spin cycle and all the corners silted up - yours is so tranquil!


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

No wonder Scooter became a domesticated cat so successfully !
One's feral tendencies would soon be a thing of the past in such a lovely house , and three cats and a cockatoo or two would provide plenty of inhouse entertainment .
Mind you , maybe google knows your secret side ....the word verification this time is "agogo ".

judy in ky said...

We have autumn wreaths in the U.S. too. Must be a North American thing!

laurie said...

i love that stained glass window. i love the rose bowl. and i'm hoping that mouse is a toy.

Unknown said...

Definitely a good exercise and the wreath is so beautiful, you have made me want one of my own.

Von said...

Your Wemyss matches my Wemyss!! My dish belonged to my grandmother.I'll have to do a post so you can compare!

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