Wednesday 28 October 2009


I'm home. Not sure what all that was about.

I'm not quite awake or with it. I wobble a bit. Someone's bitten some fur off my front leg.

Something strange has happened behind me too. I'm not showing you though!

I'll investigate later.

I really need to sleep, but I'm starving!

Oh, this is more like it. A bit of chicken, a little pool of special cat milk.

And a few biscuits to finish. That's better. Now I can sleep. Ni-night!


judy in ky said...

Scooter, there has been a lot of that going on around my house, too. I took one of my little strays in to be "nootered" this morning. Tomorrow morning I will go pick him/her up; no doubt he/she will be a bit dazed, too. (Not sure if it's a boy or a girl; will know tomorrow after the vet tells us.)
Don't worry, you will lead a happier, more peaceful life after this... (sure, I know... that's what they always say!).

Anonymous said...

It's all right, Scooter, you're simply a young man now. And a charming young man at that!

Susan said...

sweet dreams Scooter boy xo from les Garcons of Black Street ( Bleet, Oliver & Gus)

Anonymous said...

Poor bear - tell him I apologise for my earlier unsympathetic comments.


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Poor Scooter! Now that his tummy is full, he can take a nice nap and hopefully when he wakes up he will feel better.

Linda said...

Dear Scooter,

Without this little 'removal' you would have started to feel the need to leave your lovely new, warm, comfortable home and go on expeditions into the wilds. You might have got lost, become hungry again, and caused a lot of worry to your new friends. Perhaps you would have played a part in creating more families of little ones who would have to take their chances in the world.
Even inside the house your behaviour would have changed and you would have found yourself being told off more for things that just seemed natural to you.
If you want an example of what I mean, join the dog on her neighbourhood watch position, and watch the students of an evening.
Now, would any self-respecting, dignified cat want to behave like that?
Instead, you can now look forward to a life of indoor comfort, untroubled by grown-up hormones.

Me-thinks there is a moral in this, and cats have the high-ground, as usual!

rachel said...

Scooter says to say thank you to all his blog-aunties. But he's not quite sure what all the fuss was about - I suppose he doesn't miss what he didn't know he had! He's full of beans today, although two breakfasts were necessary before he felt ready to charge around the house again.

love those cupcakes said...

Scooter, Scooter. I hope that vet gave you a sticker for taking all of this like a man. No, not a man .....Oh you know what I mean.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Who needs a bunch of flowers when a double whammy breakfast does the trick ?
(That special cat's milk looks like Carnation ...or custard .... obviously for very special cats .)

rachel said...

The special cat milk is exactly that - milk modified in some costly way by Whiskas or (as here) Sainsbury's, so that it doesn't cause the spoiled creature to be overly gassy. It's a rare treat in this house, but Scooter earned it, I think!

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