Friday 9 October 2009

Server down, cats down

I've been internetless for 48 hours. Now that it's back, I feel so relieved, despite being slightly uncomfortable about the degree of dependence that I seem to have acquired.

Sometime on Wednesday afternoon, the connection disappeared. Fearing that it was my computer's fault rather than the server (I'm one of those people who always jumps to assume that something's my fault, before finding that very often it isn't) I rang the so-nice Michael to ask how one could tell the difference. Michael has that rare knack, an ability to talk to the clueless without sounding patronising or amused. He got me to check some things, and yes, it seemed to be a Virgin Media thing, not an old computer and even older owner thing.

Much later, I found that I had no television service either. Not that being tv-less was as serious as having no internet, let me tell you. And it took a long time for Virgin Media (say that in a Liverpudlian accent) to sort out. I had to amuse myself.

So, have I now got a gleaming and tidy house, a freezer full of home cooked dishes, a hand-tame kitten, no shameful heap of ironing, and two novels read? Guess.

I did make a rare excursion into town though and bought some crochet hooks and a ball of wool to Have a Go with. Toilet-roll covers for everyone this Christmas! In bargain-basement cream double knitting!

And Scooter got some new toys, which he loves; he carries his latest mouse around in his mouth, looking purposeful and heart-meltingly cute. He is now so relaxed that he sleeps stretched out, allowing me to notice his variegated paws and tummy.

The dog is happier now that she has a daily painkiller in a little bit of Brussels pate, and several short walks (or hops) instead of a brisk march. The pate and the cooings of the street aunties are worth the three-leggedness, she thinks. And she can show that upstart kitten that a fan club doesn't need tricks with mice and feathers to stay loyal.


Susan said...

any new films shot ?

Those kitten toes ... and that sleeping position. Shut Up !!!

and the sweetest tiniest dog - her face is dear. We were worried about you. xo les Gang

Oliver awaits his leading cat (hopefully) movie script

Linda said...

from Worried of West Wales - never mind your degree of dependence, you have dependants! Us! Glad to know it was just a techie problem of that nice Mr Branson's.
Gorgeous photo of up-side-down kittie, and please tell the dog that that is her cutest photo yet.

love those cupcakes said...

I get twitchy when the internet goes down so can empathise. The gorgeous Scooter looks very much at home these days. If the toilet roll covers don't work out, there's always finger knitting jewellery.

Woozle1967 said...

Lovely, lovely photos!

And I agree with you: internet -vs- tv. No contest!!

We had to finally buy a new PC this year after numerous faults kept occuring - some broadband based but then eventually it died. Felt as though I'd lost an arm, although I did catch up with my reading for the 2 days we were without!xx

Charlotte said...

Please could I order a blue loo roll cover with a barbie doll that has a crochet dress to cover the loo roll? x

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