Monday 9 November 2009

Light (splashy) relief

After the emotional harrowing of Remembrance Day, it's time for something not very serious.

Now I know why there is always such a mess round the bowl.

He's getting water wings for Christmas, and next year, bathtub-diving lessons.


Charlotte said...

I think you might be right about Scooter not being that bright, he makes up for it in cuteness though x

Anonymous said...

But will he have time to use them, what with absailing from the seasonal tree and tight rope walking with present string, conjuring baubles and magic tricks with wrapping paper?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You should film him doing this for hours and then sell it as a sleep aid , it's marvellously relaxing . Miles better than the endless looking out of a train windscreen so favoured by German television after midnight .
Insomniacs would love it and Scooter's fan base would get even bigger .

BumbleVee said...

he's got some tiger in him.... looks like he's fishing.... I bet he'd play in a bathtub too... I had a big cat who loved to play in the tub with a rubber ducky... I didn't know that til I went back in one day after filling the tub and going out of the bathroom for a towel..there he was splashing around in my bathwater!

Linda said...

Rupert (aged 17) says "It's a kitten thing" and "He'll grow out of it". And "What's that red thing?" "Why haven't I got one of those?". And "Why don't you film me?" "Why aren't I famous?" Then "Show me more, more, more!".

John said...

Clearly this is not play but an experiment on the liquid state of matter. Observe how the scientist discovers the surface can be penetrated, all the way to the inner bottom edges, yet the matter is held and shaped by a solid object (the part where Dr. Scooter stirs the water and then tries to stir it from outside the bowl). A letter to Nature is in order!

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