Tuesday 19 October 2010

Country park

Postcards from Florence:

In Plessey Woods, Northumberland, with Harvey and our Beloveds yesterday. The river Blyth looks so tranquil, doesn't it?

Too tranquil.


A perfect stick - no, it's not too big. Just the thing for two optimists to share.

A bit of swimming. Ignore all ducks; silly birds that don't fetch sticks.

Never dived off a platform before.... dip paw in water first....


Some galloping up and down, showing Harvey how very obedient I am to calls of "Flossie, here!" The Beloved said I was on my best behaviour today. She was so proud of me!

A game of tug with a ball on a rope.

A lovely muddy log. Too big for my mouth, but I nearly had it!

Home to Harvey's for a well earned snooze in front of the Aga, while the Beloveds had a cup of tea (and a shortbread biscuit, but did they share with us? No.... Harvey is on a diet, so I have to suffer too.)

We loved Plessey Woods. We must go there again; there's a lot of stick-tidying to do.


Maggie Christie said...

Love it! I liked the comment about the stick being big enough for two optimists. It reminded me of the time I was on a walk with my sister's black Lab who happily clobbered a mountain biker with a small sapling. Fortunately the cyclist was a dog-lover too!

Susan said...

oh my a red aga (sighing) ... oh yes hemm, hmmmmm ... les dogs. All I can say is lucky you, lucky Flo, lucky Harvey. A perfect & lovely post. xo Susan

Oliver wishes to know how Millie is ? and if it's not too much trouble perhaps a photo or two over at the Dinnertime blog ... at your earliest convenience of course.

Regards, Handy Cat (& tres handsome)

Dan said...

Great pics! They look like they've had a fantastic time together. I love the 'happy and relaxed' pose by the Aga!

Shelagh said...

Doggie heaven! Glad the Beloveds had such a great day together. All of them.

the veg artist said...

Are you training her to collect wood for when you move to the country?

judy in ky said...

I love these photos! It's wonderful to see them having such a great time.

annie hoff said...

Mmmm - I wonder. Would she carry logs uphill do you think? She really could be very useful up here!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Now that was too Happy dogs.. what a life!!!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

It is so apparent how much both of you love each other! It makes me smile :-)

Sue said...

What fun they had. Did they smell good at the end of it?
Love yesterdays post, Flossie is better at tidying up than any of my children were!

BumbleVee said...

hahahah .,... the dog calls her Beloved ... that cats; Mrs. Danvers....

The real difference between cats and dogs...

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