Thursday, 20 March 2008

But we're British! We have to suffer!

It's officially the First Day of Spring tomorrow.

Lambs leaping, little birds canoodling, flower buds bursting forth, Nature in all her fecundity - great word, fecund; sounds a bit rude - and so on, and a Bank Holiday, as well as the major Christian celebration of the year (well, Christmas hardly seems Christian any more, does it),
coming up this weekend. We Brits will swarm onto our already-clogged roads, determined to have a chocolate-fuelled holiday of some sort.

But, predictably, the weather prefers to ignore all cause for rejoicing. Keep your vests on, and the central heating, stay away from the seaside at all costs, and mutter resentfully about the British version of global warming typically having to be global wetting, blowing and freezing. Maybe it's character-building.

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