Tuesday, 11 March 2008

This Is Not a Cat Blog

Contrary to what you may think, this blog was not set up in order for me to witter on endlessly about my cats and their various ailments or traits. It's time for a break from them now, unless some dramatic event or downturn happens along. Instead, I shall endeavour to demonstrate that, occasionally, very occasionally, there is intelligent life going on in here, and that my life consists of more and deeper things than baking, pets and getting my boots on all wrong.

So, what to write about? The new camera I have just ordered, or the question of why take photos at all? The conflict between seeing and experiencing, using just your eyes and mind, before moving on to the next moment, and the freezing of the selected moment, cutting off and isolating the experience
from its time?

Or shall I just post a picture of my new camera and let you have intelligent thoughts about it? Right, I'll do that. I can read those thoughts already: "Ooh, shiny!"; "She's still going to take blurry pictures with that"; "What on earth was she talking about?"; " Aaaww, where have the cute cat stories gone?"

For those of you who liked the cat bits, I'll take photos of the cats with my new camera. Voila, conflict resolved.

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