Friday, 21 March 2008

A quick roundup

Kevin: seems to be doing well, but had a strange collapsing moment this morning while taking his medication, reminding me of a little dog of my mother's who had heart failure. He picked up within a few seconds and ate a hearty breakfast, but it has jangled me badly. Back to the vet next Tuesday.

Australia trip: I'm all packed, money and passport ready, and only 2 small cases to take, both hand-luggage-sized, one to check into the hold, obviously. Impressive, yes? And not leaving for another 6 days. Oh, the joy of having a friend shopping in advance of my arrival, so no toiletries to pack, and a hot country, so very few clothes required!

The house etc: Still loads of cake orders to fill, kitchen and weird chaotic fridge to clear up, but think I have time to do this. I may be proved very wrong, and then there will be very bad shouty language.

The dog: Hates me going into the spare room where the cases are kept, and tries to encourage me out. Her body language is very clear on that point. I feel like a murderess.

The vibe: I'm at that very specific stage where I just know with absolute certainty that my plane is going to come down in a shark-infested sea, and I have the urge to go round all my friends and family and tell them how much I love them. You know, like drunk people tell you....."I WUV yoooooo, I reelly reelly wuv yoo." But I really really do.

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