Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Posting from where? Mars?

Lesley down the street has just had a conversation with someone she describes as 'a boy' from the Post Office, a subsidiary of the Royal Mail. She has been trying since January to arrange for her work mail to be redirected from Sunderland to Newcastle, cities maybe 10 miles apart; there have been costs incurred, a total lack of success, many phone calls and broken promises of refunds involved in this inexplicably complex matter.

The Post Office, a venerable institution founded in 1660, and once the envy of the western world, has struggled to understand what was required: no no, letter not go Sunderland, come Newcastle instead; easy-peasy when form filled out and fee paid and accepted. This morning 'the boy' assured Lesley that a refund cheque would definitely go out to her in today's post.

She has to allow 5-7 days for delivery.

Note: The Post Office has as one of its logos: With Us, It's Personal. Yes, quite.


rogern said...

someone's forgetting to put in their weblinks...

Rachel said...

Sorry, pedantic friend. Done now.

rogern said...

pedantic is as pedantic does :p

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