Thursday, 27 March 2008


Well, not exactly, more still going really, but definitely on my way. In a horribly lengthy period of time (UK time Friday night, Oz time Saturday morning, my body clock time about a week from now) I will, I hope, touch down safely in Sydney, to be greeted by smiley people: friend Tricia, friend's daughter Chelsea, and later her three delightful little girls, who I'm really looking forward to meeting for the first time. What they will make of me is another matter; a week of terror, lots of displacement activity, plus about 36 hours' travel from my house to theirs may not prove conducive to a reassuring first impression.

So, that's it for now; I'll be back online when I can, if I'm spared...(well, you know, spiders, snakes, crocodiles)....and back home on April 22nd. Thank you to all who are cats-dog-and-house-sitting; sorry about the cat hair.

You know how much I love you all.

The Intrepid Traveller, aka The Whingeing Pom - you decide what fits best.



fourdoorsdown said...

Gone indeed - from wet and wind and from the chaos that was Healthrow T5. The baggage-handling system that was something like 7 years in the planning did not, in that oh-so-British way, quite live up to expectations. What a lucky escape was had by our intrepid traveller. We can only hope her luggage is there to greet her in Sydney along with much loved friends -old and new.

for now then, no wee dog in the window as I hurry past; no sweet treats; no patient listener to download to . . .

Australia is going to be so much fun, Rachel. Love it - then hurry home.

fourdoorsdown said...

The latest news suggests that your luggage may be in Canberra on your return. Help is at hand from the Government. Yes, them that broke the bank and received the Olympic torch in Downing Street. Thank the Lord.

When you get back on Sunday (from what I hope was a great time) I shall be heading for Helsinki (yes, you guessed it) via T5. I am unconcerned. Gordon has everthing in hand.


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