Tuesday, 14 July 2009

seriously though

Mostly, I avoid being serious in this blog, having had enough of serious in the past to last me a lifetime. But this I couldn't let pass.

Linda left a comment on my previous post which has hit a painful nerve, throwing me back sharply into my former working life in child protection, where parents of young children often found themselves hideously defeated and deceived in their efforts to keep their children safe. This site, which focuses on keeping children safe online, has guidance for parents, including the words:

It's ... not a good idea to post pictures which can identify the school which your child attends since this could help someone locate them".


"Encourage them not to give too much away in a blog".

Words that blogging or social-networking adults might do well to consider
too. Thank you, Linda.

1 comment:

Linda said...

So sorry to remind you of your previous 'life'.
Please resume normal service soon - I miss the cats!

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