Saturday 18 July 2009

well, that helped a bit

I was half-kidding about the swine flu, having no sniffles/streaming/nose-hooting symptoms, but an early night certainly helped whatever it is. All I have today is the ongoing headache, and maybe I can blame the lowering clouds and continuous rain for that. Thank you for the sympathy; I know I'm a pathetic wimp with a tendency to catastrophise. Be thankful I know my own weakness well enough to resist having a medical dictionary in the house, because I would have every illness going, and my GP would have to ban me from the surgery.

The girls
all loathe rain, but are coping as best they can with having to stay indoors - Millie thinks a bit of central heating is delightful, and has rediscovered her cosy radiator bed. Notice her one pink toe? Lottie prefers to sit next to me upstairs, growing her magnificent whiskers through masterly inactivity.

I'm off out shortly, to force a reluctant dog to go for a necessary walk, watching her like a hawk for that telltale furtive look over her shoulder before she bolts for home (this can happen before she's even off the front step). She'll perk up at midday, when her Adored One arrives.


Linda said...

Glad you're OK. It must have been Sainsbury's chill counter!

judy in ky said...

Here I am, admiring your cats. I'm happy that you are feeling better.

Pam said...

I too am glad you're feeling better especially since we're meeting up tomorrow!! How exciting!!

Can you bring Millie too? I would definitely recognise you if you were carrying a cat...

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