Sunday 7 June 2009

Dim Sum Sunday: cheating already

This is my first-ever attempt at posting something for Dim Sum Sunday (see The Karmic Kitchen for details) but it ain't true. I made a batch of chocolate brownies today for Sandra's son's 22nd birthday, and forgot to take a photo of them - they'll have been devoured in moments, of course, in that household of hollow-legged boys - so this, made 2 weeks ago, will have to do instead. It's a chocolate and vanilla bundt, marbled and choc-chipped, and it's ENORMOUS! 7 eggs went into that whopper, then chocolate icing, dolloped rather messily on top and a heap of birthday candles, as it was made for Sandra's twins who had achieved their teenaged goal - to be 18 and legally permitted to drink. And drink they did, until Sandra put a stop to it once she noticed how many beer bottles were in the recycling.

So, sorry for cheating, but as this week's theme was 'sweet' I couldn't let it pass. Millie would like a theme of 'dainty cat dinners' some time please; she hates Whiskas kitten food and thinks culinary standards could be higher in this house.

PS Is one supposed to post the recipe? Groan... I'll wait till asked, I think.


Big Shamu said...

I love that cake mold, looks delicious. Thanks so much for joining. I see no cheating of which you speak?
As for the special request? Me thinks Millie should check out Rocco DiSpirito's blog. She might find something there to her liking. (snicker)

Anonymous said...

by the way, you totally, absolutely have been tagged by Thursday!

Susan said...

You can either post the recipe or link to it - did this baby get frosted ? Wow !!

Millies sounds like she's very much like Gus other wise known as the FB (Fussy Bastard) he's terrible, he looks at me, just after I've spooned the latest greatest flavour of wet kitten food onto his plate, like I must surely be crazy if I should for a second that he'll be havin' any of that crap. Good thing he's so handsome. Sigh.

Veronica said...

Funny, you and Susan are complete opposites in your Dim Sum posts this week.

Thursday said...

You, you, you.

mountainear said...

That's an impressive cake.

If I had made it it would never have come out of the tin in one piece.

LaDivaCucina said...

That is one big cake! My neighbors would love for me to bake that! Jeez, it's 10 am monday and wouldn't a nice hunk of that go with my coffee?

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