Saturday 13 June 2009

postal pleasures

Click to enlarge, as they say.

I complain (often) that I never get anything nice in the post, just junk, and regular notification of fuel bills going up. But this has been an excellent week for post: my new audio CDs, and two £25 Premium Bond prizes from the normally tight-fisted Ernie.

And this, which arrived yesterday from PG of Middle of Nowhere. Layers of delight: first there was a teeny little red stamp with her logo, Red Flannel Designs, then a tiny egg-shaped sticker, followed by a glimpse of her beautiful cards, and then - ta-ra! - 2 packs of cards depicting the loveliest saggy, baggy, patched, much-loved-looking animals going about their evocative and mysterious business. You can find her work here.

Grumpy postman, so hated by the dog, you can keep on bringing me post like this, please.


Pam said...

Do you know, I've been so busy keeping away from blogs while occasionally emailing you that I didn't realise that a)I hadn't put you on my Favourites and b)I therefore hadn't been sneaking looks at your blog at work with my other Favourites. Fool! However, the upside is that I've been having a happy time reading several of your posts and SO enjoying them while I dry off slightly from my gardening-in-the-rain (well, it was sunny when I started).

Goodness, your house looks elegant. I'm so glad to read that you yourself aren't, since I'm a bit of a baggy-shirt person myself.

I find myself agreeing with almost everything you write - pretty cups and all - except your favourite books which I think were "Jane Eyre" (or am I misremembering?) which to my shame I've never read!! an English teacher too - and fairy tales, which traumatised me when I was a little girl. Grimm and HA, though I'm not sure I differentiate between them. Love "Persuasion", though, and think Edmund should have married Mary - much more fun.

Rain off. Back to garden.

rachel said...

Oh, I love the notion of elegance when applied to my house! I make sure that only the tidy bits appear in photos; I have heaps of stuff everywhere, and disgraceful carpets after so many elderly cats. And I couldn't be elegant to save my life, either.

Not read 'Jane Eyre'? Shame, shame on you - go and do it now. A great heroine. Re 'Mansfield Park' - I agree with you about Edmund and Mary Crawford up to a point; I think she would have come to loathe him in the end. Milk-and-water Fanny Price was the best choice for him; two dull but earnest people trying hard. 'Persuasion' has to be my favourite though.

And yes, those fairy tales are cruel and horrifying in the main, but quite fascinating if you have the stomach for them. Lots of fascinating psychological theories apply too....

mountainear said...

Well I've read 'Jane Eyre' - but about a million years ago so could do with a refresher...

Love PG's creatures. Lucky you.

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