Wednesday 24 June 2009

a little test

Today I was chatting to a musician neighbour who lives at the end of my street, just general chitchat about plants, and mentioned the front garden makeover which is part of a general drive to get my house in order for valuation. She was very interested in my plans to move away - like me, she has been in this street for ever - and immediately said that she would mention my house at orchestra. No one has responded in a practical way like this before.

It gave me a little jolt - suddenly, in one casual conversation, my house sale plan became real, and I could see that other elements might come into the equation: whether or not I felt ready, someone might want it (or at least to view it - let's not run away with ourselves here!). Perhaps I should start to keep it tidier, even as I plod through the maintenance tasks on the to-do list!

But the really interesting thing about this encounter was that despite the jolt, and the sense that I might not be in total control of what could happen, I had absolutely no qualms whatsoever. None. I might not be ready, and I might feel daunted by the laborious process ahead, having no experience of house sales other than when we bought this house all those years ago, but it feels like the right thing to do, whenever it happens. It might take a long time, too. But I still need to be a little tidier, just in case....


Linda said...

I believe in listening to that 'gut' reaction, when you feel that 'no, this is not right' or 'at last, I didn't know I wanted this so badly'.
It sounds like you are ready for some more serious planning about where you will go!!
It looks a lovely house - I'm sure people will love it when they see it.

Gretel said...

This is so Good! Trust your gut, I always trust mine, and it rarely lets me down.

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