Friday 19 June 2009

peas and beans means pleased!

Not that I'm easily excited or anything, but after several years of total pea failure, I'm rather thrilled to have spotted these two young things today. I know, I'm a bit sad, but the truth is that I'm a haphazard and disorganised gardener who, the moment she arrives on the allotment, forgets everything she has spent hours reading up, and who invariably loses and forgets the crop rotation diagram.

I will spare you the neighbouring stunted sweetcorn or the mysterious missing brussels sprouts. Last year the carrot seedlings disappeared, but this year they are thriving in their sand-filled barrels, and the second-attempt French beans are swarming up their canes in a spirited fashion. Even the experimental soya has sprouted at last, although as I know nobody who has grown this before, I have no idea what to expect.

You can see that the weeds in the background are doing pretty well too.


Anonymous said...

Well! Very well done all the same. I do sympathise, I have a similar track record, however... have you ever tried growing courgettes? They seem almost fool proof in my experience, and I should know!

rachel said...

Oh yes, courgettes are standards. Blink more than once, and they're marrows. Favourite joke on our site is for the old codgers to hide a huge marrow under my baby courgettes and wait for me to be startled. Never fails to amuse them.

mountainear said...

Peas? Already? We must be very slow up here this year - except for the weeds. I'm longing for something young and summery (vegetable that is.)

Did notice the gooseberries looked promising. Can't get excited about goodberries though. all that top'n'tailing as a child.

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