Thursday 16 July 2009

the apprentice II

Tony the joiner has been here today, putting in the newel posts that have been missing from my staircase for as long as I've lived here, the previous owner having worked for decades to remove as many original features as possible before the house would fall down of its own accord. It has taken me just as long to find, rescue, barter, swap, salvage and reinvent these features, although a close look at most of them would reveal that they weren't original to the house.

Millie loved having Tony around, and has been expanding her practical skills. She is now fully aware of how chisels, drills and screws work, and how many trips to and from the van are required before the job is done. Naturally, as a conscientious student, she had to go with him each time. She's had a busy day.

There have been many cups of tea, and for Millie, that meant that the sound of the kettle boiling brought her running many times - kettle boiling = fridge opening = milk being taken out of fridge = very small chance of a drop of milk for a practised beggar. Whose digestive system processes milk in a rather anti-social way...

But when
Tony had tea and cigarette breaks, Millie had fly-chomping breaks; both front and back doors being open all day meant a steady stream of prey. Then, licking her chops, it was back to joinery tuition.

Next week her guru Wally the painter returns to decorate the spare room. He provides the added excitement of ladders to climb. And I know for certain that a large spider lives somewhere in the spare room. She'll like that.


Susan said...

We HEART Millie
xo the boys from Canada
Gus & Oliver

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

There was I thinking Mille was a child and then, no, a very thinking cat after all!
I love your description of previous owner taking out features you have carefully been putting back.

Linda said...

Fly catching! Now there's a skill on a cat's CV!

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