Monday 13 July 2009


I've been tinkering with my Blogger settings, as two people told me today that my links-thingies didn't seem to work. Friend Roger the Computer Boy Wonder is in Venice having a lovely time, so I have had to deal with this hugely serious problem myself - tinkering really meant closing my eyes, reaching gingerly into the blog's innards, twiddling the knobs and pulling at the wires, hoping that suddenly my Profile would be made available without my Privacy becoming invade-able - are blogging and privacy incompatible at heart, do you think?

Anyway, I find I have a little email symbol at the end of each post now. When I click on it, I get this amazing message from Blogger:

"The information you provide on this form will not be used for anything other than sending the email to your friend. This feature is not to be used for advertising or excessive self-promotion."

So, we need to have a think about this. What constitutes excessive self-promotion on one's blog? And is it as annoying as excessive humility? Your thoughts welcome.....


The Great Panjandrum

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Linda said...

I have seen messages left on other blogs that are excessively self-promoting - it looks like some readers just trawl through blogs and leave messages that amount to advertising. Is this what it means?

I don't think it is possible for you as the blogger to be too self-promoting. Surely, that is what setting up one's own blog is all about.
It does worry me, though, when I see so much information, particularly about young children, that is very traceable.
One blogger, who lives about 15 miles away from me, and who I have never met, has given me so much information that I could go to the village school, meet the girls (of course there are photos on the blog), easily convince them that I was a family friend (after all, I know so much about them, their pets, hobbies, parents, favourite foods etc.). In a very rural area, I know exactly where their house is, where both parents work (she has told us all of this) and what they think of their neighbours/village/school/relations and so on.
This cannot be wise, and in an era when parents are told to be vigilant about the information children give out online, it seems that they can be just as guilty.

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