Saturday 11 July 2009


For the amateur detectives amongst us, here are the clues:

  1. stupid human leaves half pack of butter on kitchen worktop, goes out of room
  2. returns to hear catflap clattering, and butter pack lying on floor
  3. butter has considerable amount missing and rough tongue marks on what's left
  4. small cat sits on fence, casually washing her face
  5. when questioned, small cat protests "It wasn't me!" but has a shifty look
It's a mystery, all right.


Charlotte said...

Millie!!!!! x

mountainear said...

Mmmm....Millie. Perhaps.

At least with dogs there is no evidence at the scene of crime. Then later a much traveled butter wrapper turns up on the lawn and we draw our own conclusions.

judy in ky said...

I have to hide my shoes from one of my cats because he loves to sharpen his claws on them! Then, when I'm going out I have to run around looking for where I have hidden my shoes!

Linda said...

Just trying to save you from consuming more cholesterol. Doing you a favour, really.

Anonymous said...

Could it have been "the dog" perhaps disguising his smooth tongue for the rough tongue of a kitten or perhaps one of the many neighbour cats but surely it wouldn't be ... Miss Millie or Lollie.

Lots and lots of sudden highest speed "parkouring" happening around my big open loft like main floor these days. The new chocolatey smooth floors seem ideal for kitten races.

(it's su san I'm at work (?) and away form my own computer)

Anonymous said...

Millie and I have a lot in common! But never leave evidence on the floor tell her.

"Sunshine" said...

Clever kittie....When mama doesn't feed me I'll have to get my own..

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