Friday 24 July 2009

out of the blue, tiny loveliness

This exquisite little pendant arrived in the post this morning, sent by the delightful Marianne as a gift for me. I have known Marianne since her teens, and am very fond of her; she is a friend of the Lovely Son, and they have maintained their friendship over the years despite taking very diverse paths in life.

Marianne and husband Rob are jewellery designers, and have a chic little shop (and a tempting website, Saunders & Pughe - do look!) in Corbridge, Northumberland. Their photographs do justice to their delicate and beautiful creations in a way that mine just can't.

She had worn a similar pendant, with an aquamarine (mine has a peacock pearl, something I hadn't seen before) when she came for dinner the other night, and I had admired it, particularly the tiny, perfectly-detailed gold acorn, never thinking I would have one of my own. This was a hugely-undeserved but wonderful thank-you for a dinner, and a lovely, very special surprise too.


BumbleVee said...

how sweet is that...and how dainty's lovely.

I've never heard of a peacock pearl...

Pam said...

You're a lucky person. What a nice gift! I wonder if she'd like to come to dinner with me next?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that you have such lovely friends because you make a lovely friend... and mum, dogs mum, cats serf, allotment placator extraordinaire etc... x

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