Sunday 5 July 2009

subject of the meeting

This is A's plot. Somewhere in there are half a dozen broad bean plants and a square yard of potatoes. Maybe a lost city too. I suppose you couldn't blame A for being completely defeated by it, or the Committee for wanting to evict her.


Gretel said...

Golly, that reminds me of our first allotment years ago, the so-called 'wildlife garden'. We gave up on it...thing is, surely the most sensible thing to do would be for the plot to be rotavated and put in some kind of order before letting it out? I can't imagine she let it get like that on her own, she most have inherited an awful lot of c..p from previous people?

mountainear said...

We had one of those once - having inherited an awful site, complete with buried broken greenhouse. Imagine all that broken glass...)It was soul destroying just trying to clear the weeds. We never stood a chance. We handed it back too.

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