Thursday 23 July 2009

lost: one young apprentice

The painting of the spare room is finished, the radio has been switched off, and Wally has gone home. The nubbly woodchip walls are now lovely and smooth, the glossy white woodwork gleams, and it turns out that Simply Pearl, chosen for its neutral tone to go with the creamy carpet, could have been more appropriate named Distinctly Pink. But it's very pretty, if distinctly pink, and will go well enough with the assorted furniture that will be put back in there tomorrow. For assorted, read ill-assorted.

Fickle Millie abandoned her apprenticeship and paid no attention
this time to Wally or the painting process, being far too thrilled with the open windows downstairs and the novelty of having freedom, as did Lottie, to pop in and out of them like little weather people. All day long. Not bored for a moment: hup! onto the sill! flop! in through the window! swoosh! mad race round the house! clatter! out of the window again! And again. And again.

Pictures tomorrow, when there is daylight.


rogern said...

I saw her as I left for work around 8am outside lolling around in the sun on the path.

Took me a while to realise that I'd never seen your front window open before.

Linda said...

Rupert is like this. When he's out, he wants to come in. When he's in, he wants to go out. A cat DNA thing, I think.
Room sounds lovely.

Susan said...

parkour, parkour, parkour
l'art du déplacement
xo Oliver

volume to - low or off position

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