Wednesday 28 April 2010

Getting ready 2

Remember this?

Richie came and repaired.

 I painted.

And the Building Inspector approved.


dinahmow said...

Ah, yes! We have such Inspectors.They also double as Quality Control Operatives in the kitchen.

(can't comment under my wordpress name)

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh how lovely! I approve too! Love the patchwork on the chair, and on the bed, and of course, the painted floor and the walls. When can I move in?
Good luck with the Relocation, Relocation, what a wonderful adventure!

Von said...

I should think so!!!!Nice job!

Rattling On said...

The room looks lovely, really inviting. Blog banner is just perfect, did you make the quilted cushion?

Linda said...

It all looks so peaceful and calm. Envy, envy (I'm a little untidy and my husband is VERY untidy!)

rachel said...

Yes, I made that pitifully-small bit of patchwork, many years ago, and got so bored with it I never managed the intended bedcover!

Linda, don't be fooled. My photos are always selective in what is shown..... Teenage bedroom (as in mess, not posters and dirty dishes!) is my usual style, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog banner!


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