Wednesday 21 April 2010


Kitchen bags. I've remembered, aided by a quick peep behind a door.

Von was closest. This bag holds the heap of 'stuff' that sat on the kitchen worktop at a time long past, when a rapid tidy round was required. Shocking.

I'm not going to tell you how long it's been in there, waiting for me to sort/file/bin/shred. But there might be a Christmas card in there somewhere, and yes, I'm ashamed of myself.

This morning's Accomplishment: getting to Homebase first thing to buy paint. Mercifully, rush hour points in the opposite direction, and was over by the time I returned. Wally doesn't start so early, as, sainted son that he is, his old mum's breakfast has to be got first, but he's here now, applying masking tape and dust sheets to things, and being stalked by Scooter, who can't resist the sound of tape being unrolled. The dog is helping too.

And for all those people who said "This room doesn't need doing again, surely?" - all I can say is: take your pictures down......



Von said...

Nothing like a nice fresh coat of paint, especially if applied by someone else.The day I discovered my decorating days were over was a thill!
Pleased you found out what was in the bag, sure it will all find a home somwhere, somehow!
Nothing like the assistance of an animal is there? they do so well creating chaos, destruction and mayhem.

Susan said...

I love "the Dog's " tiny, oh so expressive face (sidebar) what a little character she is. Do you suppose she's beginning to think of herself as a cat? xo les Gang

Rattling On said...

I have just such a bag in the cellar. Stuff scooped in there as a quick fix one day...a very long time ago. I don't think anything important is in there, but then again I can't be bothered to look.

Val said...

I have several bags just like that as well as two large trash bags full of personal papers waiting to be shredded, so I am comforted by your "confession". I love the new sidebar pix, especially the sinuous curves of Scooter and Hamish against the window.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

My whole house needs a fresh coat of paint. That's a project planned for sometime in the next year.
I'm sure I have similar bags around here somewhere. It can be rather interesting to see what is in one that has been sitting for a long time - kind of like a time capsule.

Linda said...

My piles of "must just put this somewhere" stuff end up on a pew (donated by my brother who thought I'd be able to find room for it!). Fatal to have such a place really, but at least I know where things are likely to be.

Love the new photos - very cheerful one of the dog for a change!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Please check your bag of letters for any from Uncle Ernie (if you have any Premium Bonds, that is). I'd hate to think of you shredding a cheque! :o)

PS LOVE 'the dog' pic!

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