Thursday 8 April 2010

This is not me!

A slightly defensive message: some people have emailed me recently for information, but have not followed up on my response. And then I've wondered if my reply reached them. I always reply promptly to emails, so wouldn't like to be thought of as a rude or careless creature who couldn't be bothered to respond.

I have just heard from a friend that some long-awaited photographs I sent seem to have ended up in her spam folder, where she rarely thinks to look. So, if you think you should have heard from me before now, and wonder if I just haven't bothered to pass on the info you requested, check your spam/junk folder, because I might be hiding in there!

Prickly over-reactive person signing off now......


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Wouldn't ever have thought you rude . Punctilious comes to mind .... in a good way .

Paddy Paws said...

Happy 39th unbirthday!

What a modest gift to yourself - hope it's full of naughty things ... liquid or otherwise.

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