Friday 29 February 2008

Countdown to Australia: Day 1

It's March! (even though Blogger says it's still yesterday). And I am leaving for Australia on the 27th! So much to do. So much to think about in the wee small wakeful hours of the night....I will make a daily log of the Things Done and the Things To Do, and if anyone spots a serious omission, feel free to tell me; just make sure you do this in enough time for me to sort it!

So, for starters:

Things Done: ticket, visa, insurance, house and pet carers organised, iPod loaded, passport expiry date checked (ages ago).
Things To Do: everything else.

What I'm packing is simple compared to what I'm leaving - just thinking about how much pet food has to be bought and stored is daunting. And those 2 stones are not really going to get lost in 27 days, I suspect.

And Kevin? Perhaps being in denial about Kevin is the best position to take - just for now.

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