Friday 1 February 2008

You're not, are you?

It's been an interesting experience to see how my friends react to the news that I am blogging. Their responses range from a baffled "Why?" (a valid question in itself, of course, and not one that I can really answer properly yet) to outbursts about how anyone - ANYONE! - could read it/see my personal photographs/invade my privacy/steal my identity and worse. Some friends are warmly encouraging and might even be blogging themselves, though on the whole they don't. My son, who, like his mother, is never short of an opinion, appears to have been unduly influenced by The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers and regards any new activity on my part as deeply sinister. Personally, I'm not convinced that putting photos of my baking, including the burnt offerings, on flickr will constitute a grave risk to my personal safety, but I may live to rue that reckless act. Someone on Radio 4 this morning did say that there was a scam for anyone. Maybe my charcoal loaf will win me a million-pound prize.....

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